About Our Instructors


Alpha Air offers training for the Private Pilot License (fixed wing) and the subsequent Instrument rating. Curriculum adheres to FAA standards, part 61. Instruction is on a "one to one" basis and is self-paced. We do not offer high pressure compressed curriculums. We also supply the necessary books and supplies at discount and tax-free. (Thanks to our non-profit status!)

We give instruction in mountain / desert flying and specialize in remedial work. Alpha Air also offers "pinch-hitter" training for flying companions.

Chief instructor Mary A. Mercker began her flying career in Phoenix Arizona in 1949 when Sky Harbor was just a "dirt strip". She flew tail-wheel aircraft exclusively until the late 50's and is experienced in almost every General Aviation aircraft from Aeroncas to Stinsons, Beechcraft to Vikings, as well as every variety of Cessna, and most Pipers.

Alpha Air is proud to announce the affiliation of Dennis Genzman, pioneer Ryan Field entrepreneur, flight instructor and retired FAA pilot examiner. Denny has successfully raised our "Golly!" level with his expertise and good humor, and we invite you-all to drop in and visit with him. (We've learned a lot; bet you will too!)

Also available is instructor Camber Miner.